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This is a weekly forum for learning and sharing bioinformatics. It’s mainly for researchers in Brigham, but open to the public.

Each time a short talk (30-45min) for a specific topic will be given by a voluntary speaker, with a step-by-step tutorial and practical demo. Topics like NGS data processing, Linux commands, R programming, statistics and machine learning, data visualization, and various bioinformatics tools and resources would be covered.

The goal of the club is to create a learn-and-share atmosphere among the Bioinformatics researchers in BWH. It’s open & free to everyone, incl. all slides and learning materials. However, we have just one requirement: To keep the club running, every member should present at least once in the club per year. If you think you need more time to prepare, it’s totally fine. When you are ready, please send me the title and your preferred date, so that I will put you on our schedule. You can pick up your specialized topic or a new topic you planned to learn but never determined to study. The philosophy is when you set up a learning goal, you are more likely to reach the target.

Upcoming Talks

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