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Interested in joining us?


We are always seeking talented and passionate people to join our team, from summer students to postdocs to staff scientists, short-term and long-term. If you are interested in joining us, please send an email to xdong AT and include your CV and contact information for three references.


  • Research Scientist in Bioinformatics: This Research Scientist position will be offered a competitive salary and benefits, and expected to provide bioinformatics service to the faculty in the HMS and Brigham community. As a full-time employee in the well-funded Genomics and Bioinformatics Hub (, the candidate will work with the director to develop bioinformatics pipelines for NGS data (e.g., bulk tissue and single-cell RNAseq, ATAC-seq, WGS/WES, ChIP-seq, Hi-C, etc.), provide both standard and customized data analysis service and bioinformatics training to the community. Experience in processing raw FASTQ files is required. Fluent programming in R, Linux bash, and one of the other languages (Python, Perl, C/C++, Matlab, or Java) is required. Experience in workflow/pipeline construction (e.g., Snakemake, CWL/WDL), cloud computing (e.g. AWS, GCP), Docker, or Conda is a plus. Ability to generate high-quality reports, communicate with clients effectively, good time management are key characteristics for an ideal candidate.


  • Postdoc in Computational Genomics: This position is funded by a five-year NIH R01 grant. We will develop midbrain organoids from iPSC derived from healthy controls and neurodegenerative disease patients, and measure the time-series transcriptome and proteomics of extracellular vesicles (EVs) secreted along with the differentiation. Single-cell RNA-seq and ATAC-seq will also be conducted for the generated organoids. Meanwhile, we will apply a high-throughput 3D mini-brain platform to capture the organoid’s electrophysiology signals in a real-time manner. The work is based on our recent publications (e.g., Dong et al., Nature Neuroscience, 2018; Chen et al. Nature Methods, 2021). We are looking for someone with experience in bulk or single-cell RNA-seq data analysis, and multi-omics data integration. Skills in high-dimensional data visualization or time-series data modelling is a plus.


  • Research intern, summer student, co-op who is interested in bioinformatics and has some programming experience.

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