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A web-based toolbox and resource for integrative analysis of the human neuronal genome, transcriptome, and more.



An R package and R shiny application for calculating sample size and power of bulk tissue and single-cell eQTL analysis.


One Tip Per Day

Learning notes for R, Unix, Perl, statistics, tools/resources, biology, etc. everything about Bioinformatics


Genome Browser

Local mirror of UCSC Genome Browser

URL: coming

Bioinformatics primer articles

Nature Methods and Nature Biotechnology have this super-great monthly column in bioinformatics for years. For example, Nature Methods has both the “Points of Significance” covering topics in statistics and “Points of View” in data visualization. And Nature Biotechnology‘s Primer column covers a collection of topics in Bioinformatics, such as “What’s a hidden Markov model?“. We strongly recommend everyone who works in bioinformatics should read them. Here we compiled all the articles from above three columns together and made a PDF for you. Here is the link.
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  • All about microRNA (
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