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Presently, I am completing machine learning based research and graduate program at Harvard Medical School, MGH, MIT, and the Broad Institute. During my Harvard graduate programs, I have gained years of experience teaching and developing curriculum for statistics, mathematics, and data science as a faculty member and/or teaching fellow at Simmons College, Emmanuel College, and Harvard University. Additionally, I co-founded a quantitative consulting firm out of the Harvard Innovation Lab, The Quantly Group ( The Quantly Group was honored to be involved in SpaceApps, a NASA incubator innovation program. This start-up experience came during my interdisciplinary graduate program in mathematics at Harvard and after my co-founder and I both independently won NASA International Space Apps Challenges; the focus of my group was on forecasting and monitoring the emotional and neurological health of astronauts using predictive modeling and variable reduction methods.  As such, I have had the pleasure to publish across disciplines in the areas of mathematics, neuroscience, genetics, immunology, and other biomedical research. I am very excited to further integrate my multi-disciplinary background to applications in the healthcare field. I am also an avid competitive swimmer and skier.

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