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october, 2021

04octallday05alldaySingle-cell RNA-seq courseA hands-on course on single-cell data analysis(All Day) Lecturer: Xianjun Dong Event Category:Tools and resources

Event Details

We are excited to be launching a scRNAseq lecture course at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. This two-day course will be held on Monday, October 4th, and Tuesday, October 5th. We want to encourage you all to reserve these dates on your calendars now.

Today it is possible to obtain genome-wide transcriptome data from single cells using high-throughput sequencing (scRNA-seq). The main advantage of scRNA-seq is that the cellular resolution and the genome-wide scope make it possible to address issues that are intractable using other methods, e.g. bulk RNA-seq or single-cell RT-qPCR. However, to analyze scRNA-seq data, novel methods are required and some of the underlying assumptions for the methods developed for bulk RNA-seq experiments are no longer valid. In this course, we will discuss some of the questions that can be addressed using scRNA-seq as well as the available computational and statistical methods.

The intended audience is students, postdocs, and research staff who want to learn best practices for analyzing scRNAseq data. The course will involve hands-on practical exercises, and although no advanced programming skills are required, familiarity with the Unix command line and the scripting language R is required. Participants should bring their own laptops.

The course is organized by experienced computational biologists: Dr. Martin Hemberg, Dr. Xianjun Dong, and Dr. Ilya Korsunsky from BWH. We are also pleased to have Dr. Tallulah Andrews join us from the University of Toronto.

Please note the cost of attendance is $50.00 which must be charged to an MGB-associated fund number. (Although the event is marked ‘free’ on the website, this is because Eventbrite only supports credit cards and Paypal, which we are not able to process.) Please contact Allison Mello ( to set up payment.

Please click here to visit our course website for more information.

This is a 2-day lecture and will be held as an in-person event.

Monday, October 4th: 9 am— 4 pm @ BWH, Carrie Hall Conference Room, 15 Francis Street Boston, MA 02115

Tuesday, October 5th: 9 am— 5 pm @ BWH, Zinner Board Room, 70 Francis Street Boston, MA 02115

Sponsored by Brigham Research Institute (BRI) and the Genomics and Bioinformatics Hub


october 4 (Monday) - 5 (Tuesday)

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