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With support from the NeuroTechnology Studio, we are now turning the Bioinformatics Club to a more formal service to meet the needs in bioinformatics of the research community at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. This new Bioinformatics Hub represents a collaboration between the BWH Program in Interdisciplinary Neuroscience (PIN) and the BWH Precision Neurology Program (PNP).


The Genomics and Bioinformatics Hub is a program at BWH, aiming to bridge the gap between neuroscientists and computational scientists to their mutual benefit, and to support cutting-edge, highly quantitative biomedical research. The program will create and maintain bioinformatics tools and databases, and will support studies in basic, translational and clinical neurosciences using available or in-house computational techniques. In addition, the program provides collaboration opportunities and bioinformatics services for research scientists in BWH, with a focus on brain diseases and fundamental neuroscience research.

Xianjun Dong, PhD

Founding Director
Genomics and Bioinformatics Hub

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